Apple Identification

Each Autumn we hold several Apple Identification days in West Wales.

The aim of these sessions is two fold. The apples we identify help us to log which of the known varieties will grow in the area, and also provides information for people as to the names of the varieties they have growing in there gardens or orchards. The ones we cannot fit to a known variety are of particular interest, some of these are chance seedlings, some are varieties which are no longer listed and some are varieties peculiar to the local area.

If you have an unknown apple in your garden please bring samples along to one of our ID days or email us to arrange for one of our identification team to examine the fruit.

If you are presenting apples please present :

Ripe Fruit.
The fruit should come off the tree with a gentle lift and twist. The pips should be bournville chocolate brown.

Four fruit of average size.
If we only have one fruit to work with there is more risk of an individual variation in that fruit leading to "misdiagnosis".
Many people will bring us the largest fruit off the tree, others will present small fruit which they don't have use for, both can lead to fruit being misidentified.

Fruit with intact stalks.
The length of the stalk may be a major factor in distinguishing between varieties, if the stalk is broken or removed it can prevent proper identification.

Fruit which is not damaged, discoloured or diseased.

A few leaves if possible.

Other information which is useful

Is the apple a dessert (eating) apple, a cooker, dual purpose or cider

Date of flowering if known (if you have a known variety, the relative time of flowering of the unknown can help identification)

Picking time

Storage potential (Some varieties will keep to May of the following year)

Is the tree young or elderly? Is it in reasonable condition or diseased.

If your apple is an interesting variety we would like to collect graftwood to ensure we preserve the variety. If the tree is elderly grafting on may be required to ensure proper identification.

If you are involved with a club or society and would like to arrange an ID session, or for one of our members to give a talk on our Apple Id work please email us.

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